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What to do if I have a dental emergency?
We are your Emergency Dentist Canberra open after hours, out of hours late to accommodate all dental emergencies subject to Dentist availability. Just call our Emergency Dentist Hotline 6242 7777 immediately and we will do everything to make sure that you’re treated as soon as possible by our Canberra Emergency Dentists. We are here to help in providing timely dental treatments for all types of complex dental emergency treatments including failed root canals, gum swelling, sore / bleeding gums, broken tooth, chipped tooth, crown capping / re-cementing, broken denture, dental abscess, post extraction dry socket re-dressing, wisdom tooth pain, pulling a tooth out both simple tooth extractions & complex surgical tooth extractions etc

The below FAQ’s will help you during those critical dental emergency situations when you are in dental trauma:

What to do if I have a severe toothache or sore tooth?

If you are suffering from a painful toothache, something is wrong with the tooth that requires urgent attention. Contact us immediately to organise an appointment with our Emergency Dentists as quickly & conveniently as possible for you. Painkillers such as Neurofen or Advil may only help for temporary relief; please remember not to exceed the maximum dose.

What to do if I have a cheek or gum swelling / dental abscess?

Swellings or dental abscesses are caused by tooth infection, gum infection or trauma of the tooth which causes facial swelling or enlarged lymph nodes. Please contact us immediately to receive appropriate dental treatment or suitable antibiotics from our Emergency Dentists.

What to do if I have knocked a tooth out?

Contact us immediately as the knocked out tooth may need to be re-implanted into its socket as soon as possible.
It’s very important that you handle the top (crown) of the tooth only. DO NOT touch the tooth by its root as the fibres around the root surface needs to be protected.
DO NOT place the tooth in water
• DO place the tooth in cold milk to not let the tooth dry out or place tooth on one side of your mouth between your teeth & cheeks

What to do if I have chipped, cracked, broken or fractured my teeth?

Chipped, cracked, broken or fractured teeth can usually be restored. If the tooth is painful, avoid drinking hot or cold & avoid eating or biting on that side i.e. relieve the tooth from extremes of temperature and pressure. Painkillers such as Ibuprofen, Neurofen or Paracetamol may help relieve the pain. Please contact us immediately & we’ll do our best to offer you an earliest available dental appointment with our Emergency Dentists.

What to do if I have broken or cracked my Denture?

Broken or cracked dentures should be professionally repaired with the right dental materials and tools. Please resist the temptation to glue them together yourself as this often makes a professional denture repair very difficult. Contact us as soon as possible to organise the appropriate denture repair at an earliest.

What to do if I have lost a dental Crown or the Crown cap came off?

The tooth under the dental crown does not have the protection and strength that it had when it was covered with the crown. So till you see your Emergency Dentist Canberra, please be careful to have soft foods only and chew on the other side of the mouth. Please be aware that more often than not, when a dental crown comes off it could also be due to recurrent decay or some other dental breakdown.

Please keep your dental Crown safe & bring it along for your emergency dental appointment so it can be re-cemented, recapped or re-fixed as soon as possible to avoid further tooth damage or the need for Root Canal Treatment (RCT). Please do contact us immediately & we’ll do our best to accommodate you at an earliest.

Is it safe for an emergency visit to the Dentist if I am pregnant?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit a Dentist if you are pregnant. We DO NOT take X-RAYS during the first trimester, however it is safe to take diagnostic X-RAYS afterwards. The medicaments used by our Dentists will not harm you or your unborn. Please be aware that it is very risky to leave a dental problem untreated when you are pregnant & thus is very important to promptly seek appropriate dental treatment.

Is it safe for an emergency visit to the Dentist if I am breastfeeding?

Yes, our Canberra Dentists will ensure that all medicaments used on you will be safe for you & your new born.